Services and equipment

Tubular Pickup / Laydown Service


Pick-up / Laydown Services
Longhorn Tubular Services Mobile Pick-up Laydown units are available for 24-hour service and have the capability of handling Oil Country Tubular Goods up to 5-1/2” and can service working heights typical of rig assist snubbing operations. 

Rental Equipment


Tubular Products
• 2-3/8” through 3-1/2” EUE 8Rd L-80   Tubing
• 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” Premium Connection Tubing
Handling Tools and Ancillary Equipment
• MYT, YT and HYT Elevators
• TIW Valves
• Stabbing Guides
• Pipe Racks
• Catwalks
• Rig Mats

Oilfield Transportation


Transportation Services:
Longhorn Tubular Services provides centrally dispatched Oilfield Transportation Services including:
• Forklifts, 
• Haul Trucks 
• Winch Trucks 
• Hot Shot Services.

Mobil Pipe Inspection Services


EMI FLD SEA VTI Category 4 Inspection Services for Oil Country Tubular Goods from 2-3/8" up to 5-1/2"